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We challenge ourselves to be an innovative and creative robotic bottling solution provider. Acting as an extention of our customers' engineering department in simplifiying their manufacturing operations.

We build a long-lasting mutual beneficial business relationship throughout our customers, vendors and business partners.

Social Responsility is one of our focus to maintanin a balance between the interest of shareholders' value and the interest of workers and community as a whole.


Embracing all the possible technologies to be applied in our innovation to fulfill customers' need is the main key of our success  over the times.


Our invention of robotic bottling system, starts from robotic bottle sorter to robotic filler and capper incorporated with robotic cap sorter. It brings us to be the world's  most simplest and reliable robotic bottling solutions in bottling industries.

Our creation of ROBO-SmartLFLEX has soon become a revolutionary bottling system by achieving a near to zero format parts and near to zero downtime.

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