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Customer Service Rep


In today's internet of thing technology. It enhances us for having a speedy response and recovering the problem via cyber connection without physical present needed in the field.

Our approach for supporting our customers is by providing them a sufficient general knowledge of our robotic bottling system. By then,  they could be as our extension in doing the trouble shooting and trouble solving as the first step in supporting them.

By our global supply to many multi-national companies in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). It motivates us to ensure that our reach for helping our customers could be done within short period of time through remote service with vision aided installed in the supplied system.


A physical presence of our service engineer is less likely needed. However, should the problem solving step needs to have it.  Then, we could provide our customer by deploying our service engineer or our local engineering contractor present in the field within 48 hours as our extension of service personnel to do servicing or trouble shooting which needs to be done physically.



Customers' continuous operation is our main task to secure it in an excellent way

Electronic Circuit


Our robotic bottling system comes with twelve months of warranty from manufacturing defects.


The warranty period starts from the date of Site Acceptance Test certificate or by the latest two months after the system has been reached at the customer's plant. 

Within the warranty period. Servicing works are free but it  excludes the transportation and accommodation costs of the service personnel.

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